About Us

We focus on small to lower middle market enterprises in the manufacturing and distribution industries.

Our Approach

Our hands-on approach and operational backgrounds allow us to better support the business owners and management teams involved.

Dréim Capital is an entrepreneurial investment group with proven team building experience. We stand firmly in our core values of trust, respect and integrity and we approach our work as a true partnership. Together, we help companies realize their full potential through empowering people, understanding that decisions are not just based on numbers, but on the people involved. Our expertise comes from the mindset of an operator, having walked the floors of many manufacturing facilities over the course of our careers.

As experienced operators in manufacturing and distribution, we help businesses run with greater efficiency. Our focus is on small to lower middle market enterprises that are interested in partnering with proven operators to harvest the hard-earned value they have created. In acquiring a company, we are ready to roll up our sleeves and facilitate strategies that are successful for the long term. We understand this niche from top to bottom and work from an ethical, growth-oriented standpoint. Dreim brings extensive knowledge and serves as a relatable resource during a transition. Preserving the legacy of a company is always our top priority, leaving employees in the hands of experienced and compassionate owners. We pride ourselves on being hands-on and you will find this in every aspect of our work.

We embrace the working dynamic of entrepreneurial, independent and family-owned businesses and understand the unique needs of these organizations. Based on our own experience, our primary goal is to create a mutually beneficial culture with customers, suppliers, employees and shareholders and work with existing management to create the greatest amount of value for the business. We live by the value of hard work and this spirit feeds our passion for building businesses every day.

We are differentiated by a number of factors, including:

  • A combined 90+ years of hands-on experience as operators
  • A people-centric perspective
  • A creative, open-minded approach to execute a successful strategy
  • Unlimited investment time horizon
  • Operating experience in both family owned and public enterprises

We understand that this is your life’s work.